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DRESDEN-concept science exhibition

„How will we live in the future?“

Climate change, demographic change, pandemics and megacities are some of major challenges facing our society. Scientists around the world are working to develop innovative solutions. The many research institutions in Dresden are making an important contribution with their excellent research.

Under the roof of DRESDEN-concept, an alliance of research and cultural institutions, scientists work on common topics across institute and subject boundaries. They benefit, among other things, from the short distances between the partner institutions, the close coordination and joint application of research projects, and the partnership-based use of infrastructures. In this exhibition, we would like to present some examples of research results and innovations of Dresden scientists in the research fields of digitization, life, climate & water, mobility, material and cultural heritage.


DDc Wissenschaftsausstellung / Englisch:DDc science exhibition Visualisierung: midoridesign.de

The overarching question posed by the DRESDEN-concept science exhibition is: “How will we live in the future?”.

In the research fields of digitalization, life, climate & water, mobility, material and cultural assets, vividly presented examples of cooperative research projects and innovations by Dresden scientists provide visitors to the exhibition with answers to this question.

By integrating playful elements, children and young people are also specifically addressed and introduced to the world of research

More information about the contents of the exhibition can be found here sorted by the research fields. To learn more, click on “more info”.

The exhibition was a traveling exhibition, which was opened as part of the 10th anniversary celebrations in October 2020 and was shown at a total of four stations in Dresden and Lusatia until April 2023.