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DDc lunch retreats

DRESDEN-concept (DDc) started in 2021 the new format DDc lunch retreat.
Future-oriented topics with a high scientific potential that have been identified and proposed by the Scientific Area Committees (SACs) and/or the DDc Executive Board, will be shortly presented by key scientists to interested DDc members in order to get feedback and to sound out cooperation possibilities.

Next DDc lunch retreat

The 8th DDc lunch retreat is scheduled on September 24, 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. as a videoconference (Zoom). The topic will be Taming WaterExtremes – Smart water systems in an extreme world “. We are looking forward to an interesting retreat with the key speakers:

Prof. Peter Krebs (TUD)
Prof. Stefan Stolte (TUD)
Prof. Markus Weitere (TUD/UFZ)
Prof. Edeltraud Günther (UNU-FLORES)
Prof. Jochen Schanze (IÖR)

Prof. Christian Bernhofer (TUD)

DDc-scientists are cordially invited to attend this digital lunch retreat on September 24. Research group leaders and postdocs are very much welcome to join.

Following DDc lunch retreats:

  • 9th DDc lunch retreat: October 14, 12:30 – 1:30 p.m.
  • 10th DDc lunch retreat: November 11, 12:30 – 1:30 p.m.
  • 11th DDc lunch retreat: December 16, 12:30 – 1:30 p.m.

The previous five DDc lunch retreats addressed the following research areas:

  • 1ts DDc lunch retreat: “Cellular Metabolism”
    Key speakers: Prof. Triantafyllos Chavakis (UKD), Prof. Ünal Coskun (PLID), Prof. Michele Solimena (PLID) and Prof. Marino Zerial (MPI-CBG)
  • 2nd DDc lunch retreat: “Precision Chemistry for Future Materials“
    Key speakers: Prof.  Xinliang Feng (TUD) and Prof. Thomas Heine (TUD)
  • 3rd DDc lunch retreat: “Great topics, forbidden names: anti-aging, successful aging and rejuvenation“
    Key speakers: Prof. Henrik Bringmann (TUD), Prof. Lorenz Hofbauer (UKD), Prof. Gerd Kempermann (DZNE) and Dr. Miranka Wirth (DZNE)
  • 4th DDc lunch retreat: “21st Century Building: Towards a Climate and Resource Neutral Construction“
    Key speakers: Prof. Manfred Curbach (TUD) and Prof. Victor Mechtcherine (TUD)
  • 5th DDc lunch retreat: “New insights from the interface between electronics and living nature“
    Key speakers: Prof. Karl Leo (TUD) and Prof. Carsten Werner (Leibniz IPF)
  • 6th DDc lunch retreat: “Context and Behaviour”
    Key speakers: Prof. Katharina von Kriegstein (TUD), Prof. Tanja Endraß (TUD) and Prof. Stefan Kiebel (TUD)
  • 7th DDc lunch retreat: “Transitioning mobility into a digital, sustainable world
    Key speakers: Prof. Regine Gerike (TUD), Prof. Hartmut Fricke (TUD), Prof. Marc Timme (TUD) and Prof. Ostap Okhrin (TUD)