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About DRESDEN-concept

Logo DRESDEN-concept

The DRESDEN-concept research alliance was founded in 2010 and currently comprises 37 partners, including TUD Dresden University of Technology and regional institutions of the Max Planck Society, the Leibniz Association, the Helmholtz Association and the Fraunhofer Society, as well as renowned, cultural institutions who conduct research.

The mission of DRESDEN-concept is to strengthen cooperation among its partner institutions and to identify and exploit synergies in research and teaching as well as infrastructure and administration. This is also illustrated by the acronym DRESDEN, which stands for Dresden Research and Education Synergies for the Development of Excellence and Novelty. Examples include identifying and coordinating research priorities, jointly attracting top staff and talents, or the joint use of resources.

By networking across institutional and subject boundaries, DRESDEN-concept offers researchers an ideal environment for science and innovation. The physical proximity of the partners, the sustainable use of infrastructures within the alliance and the establishment of joint research priorities make Dresden an outstanding location for science.

In the federal and state excellence competitions, in which TU Dresden won and renewed the title of excellence, DRESDEN-concept proved to be a significant factor. Moreover, the development has not yet been completed: the partner institutions are on their way to jointly further develop the Dresden science hub towards a DRESDEN-concept Science and Innovation Campus.