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Information Technology & Microelectronics

Scientific Area Committee II

© Jörg Simanowski

The Scientific Area Committee II covers the entire spectrum of electronic information processing from fundamental and applied research on data storage, processing and transmission to the development and testing of new semiconductor materials. It comprises research areas like:

  • micro-/nanoelectronics
  • mobile communications
  • high performance computing
  • machine learning
  • artificial intelligence
  • alternative concepts for computing (spintronics, molecular electronics, quantum electronics, neural computing, bioinspired computing)

Dresden’s researchers are global leaders in these areas, both in fundamental and applied research. The focus of TU Dresden is hereby on the further development and the exploration of complementary technologies and concepts for highly efficient information processing, and for an extremely fast and secure data transfer. Innovations in the so-called Tactile Internet from Dresden are well known and, for example with the help of the automotive industry, researchers are getting closer to finding applications for them. To this end, leading researchers on the global stage are developing systems that will meet the demands of the future.



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