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DRESDEN-concept Research Groups

DRESDEN-concept (DDc) aims to further increase the attractiveness of Dresden as a science location for excellent independent early-career scientists. The close cooperation between the DDc partner institutions and the manifold synergies within the research alliance offer young researchers an excellent environment and open up attractive career paths.

In the DRESDEN-concept Research Groups, outstanding young scientists are offered an optimal framework for establishing their own working group. The Research Groups address innovative research topics and can draw on the expertise of two or more DDc partner institutions, which jointly support the DDc Research Group.

What are the criteria for establishing a DDc Research Group?

  • The group leader of a DDc Research Group has an international reputation in the respective field, e.g. in the form of publications in high-ranking journals or monographs, invitations to give lectures, successful acquisition of projects or patents. Experience in successfully supervising students is desired.
  • In agreement with the DDc Executive Board, a cooperation agreement is to be concluded between the participating DDc member institutions. This agreement defines the name of the DDc Research Group, confirms its independence and regulates its equal funding over a period of at least four years.
  • Group leaders of DDc Research Groups are involved in the DRESDEN-concept network, e.g. in the form of active participation in a Scientific Area Committee (SAC) or in DDc events.

What are the advantages of establishing a DDc Research Group?

DDc Research Groups are an important element of intensive networking benefit and from the professional expertise and infrastructure of the DDc supporting institutions and their partners within the network. The presentation of the DDc Research Groups on the websites of the participating DDc partners and of DRESDEN-concept, the regular presentation of their activities in the DDc Board and the active participation in shaping the DDc research agenda give the DDc Research Groups an enormous visibility. The group leaders of DDc Research Groups are, of course, invited to all events organized or co-organized by DDc. Furthermore, DDc Research Groups receive tailor-made offers, e.g. consulting and support services for the professionalization of their research data management or for the professionalization of their target group-oriented science communication.

Funding measure for the support of DRESDEN-concept Research Groups

As part of the EXU-measure “DRESDEN-concept Science and Innovation Campus”, group leaders of DRESDEN-concept Research Groups can make use of a number of offers, e.g. in the form of consulting and support services for the professionalization of research data management or the professionalization of their target group-specific science communication.

In addition, funding of a doctoral position for a duration of 1-3 years and / or consumables up to 20 K Euro per year is available. Funding is awarded based on needs in a competitive selection process.

Funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Free State of Saxony as part of the Excellence Strategy of the Federal and State Government.

The group leaders of DDc Research Groups are eligible to apply. In a written application (approx. 1-2 pages) they must set out:

1. the specific goal to be achieved by the funding measure;
2. the scope and desired form of support;
3. a realistic timetable for achieving the desired goal;
4. the planned form of engagement of the DDc Research Group for the DRESDEN-concept Alliance;
5. the need for support in setting up a research data management system, if applicable;
6. the need for support in science communication, if applicable.

By the end of October of the previous year for the following year at the DDc office: geschaeftsstelle@dresden-concept.de

  • Applications for funding can be submitted to the DDc office by the end of October of the previous year for the following year.
    Please enclose a copy of the cooperation agreement of the DDc partner institutions involved.
  • Forwarding of the application, supplemented by a statement of the DDc office, to the DDc board.
  • Decision on the funding application by the DDc Board of Directors two months after submission of the application, at the latest.