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Schriftzug Season of Excellence DRESDEN Summer Schools

Summer Schools here in Dresden? Find out more!

Dresden hosts many excellent summer schools for undergraduates, postgraduates, PhD candidates and postdocs. They run from spring to fall, and offer a fascinating thematic breadth, interdisciplinarity and in-depth research.

To give you a better overview, we have grouped them together. On the following pages you can find out which summer schools are taking place in Dresden and are (co-)organized by DRESDEN-concept partners.

From 2024 on, you can filter the summer schools by topic, month and the  DRESDEN-concept partner institution.

Supporting your Summer School in Dresden

“Season of Excellence” is a joint-initiative between the Strategy and Internationalization Team of the TUD International Office and Head office of DRESDEN-concept. It aims to strengthen the visibility and impact of the numerous summer schools taking place in Dresden every year – organized by dedicated members of TUD and partner institutions in the DRESDEN-concept research alliance –, and therefor to highlight the huge potential and vividness of Dresden as an excellent science hub.

Get in contact with our project team to get your summer school listed on the central campaign website or to come into contact with other school organizers. We are happy to network you.

Project team from the Strategy and
Internationaliza­tion Team of TUD

Project team from the DRESDEN-concept
Head Office