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Offers for Postdocs at the Science Hub Dresden

DRESDEN-concept promotes and supports networking for postdocs at the science hub Dresden. Here you can find information and offers of the DRESDEN-concept partner institutions for postdocs on the topics of career, development and networking. The postdoc center of the TU Dresden and the HZDR offers a variety of opportunities for the career paths Academia, Business and Science Management.

In addition, there are other offers of the DRESDEN-concept partner institutions, which are open for postdocs within the DRESDEN-concept network. In order to provide you with an overview, these offers are arranged below according to the following categories:

  • Career counseling, mentoring, coaching, trainings
  • Colloquia and lectures
  • Networking events
  • Teaching activities

This page is still under construction and does not yet represent all offers for postdocs at the DRESDEN-concept Science and Innovation Campus. The page is continously updated, please check repeatedly to see if more offers have been added.

Career Counseling, Mentoring, Coaching, Trainings

Colloquia and lectures

Networking events

Teaching activities

More Offers?

If your institution also makes offers for postdocs, that are open for the postdocs of other DRESDEN-concept partner institutions, please inform us. We are happy to take up the offer.