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DDc Blue Sky Lounge

Foto von Prof. Dr. Josef Matzerath und Dr. Susanne Menzel © Matthias Popp
© Matthias Popp

DDc Blue Sky Lounge in Ernemannturm: A Taste of Science

“Tasting and Smelling – a Culinary Science Evening” was the theme of the first DDc Blue Sky Lounge on November 24, 2022. Prof. Josef Matzerath (TU Dresden) and Dr. Susanne Menzel (Carl Gustav Carus University Hospital Dresden) served delicious samples of historical and current research in culinary science. At the first DDc Blue Sky Lounge, the two of them showed that culinary science is both interdisciplinary and inter-institutional.

Eine Person reicht einer anderen Person ein Gefäß, an welchem diese riecht. © Matthias Popp

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