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The DRESDEN Technology Portal (DTP) is a central online technology portal for all partners of DRESDEN-concept to support the sharing of scientifc infrastructure and services. The tool enables scientists and other users to search for single instruments, complex systems, services and facilities, as well as specifc expertise available in Dresden. In return, it is also a tool to provide infrastructure and services to the scientifc community and to present the structure and main research expertise of institutes and working groups. In this way, the DTP is also an appropriate instrument for the initiation of collaborations and technology transfer.


The DTP uses an interactive, comprehensive and fast online search across all DRESDEN-concept institutions. Data maintenance is done centrally. Our RESTful API can be used to automatically import and export content from decentralised databases. Further more there is an extensive booking system under development at the moment.


  • time savings through a fast online search with contact information and additional research expert profles
  • easier access to expensive state-of-the-art technologies
  • instrument for the initiation of collaborations and technology transfer
  • improved use of instrument capacities with a more cost-efective operation of infrastructure
  • improved quality of research and time savings through access to highly specialised services
  • development of optimised cost allocation models (VAT, tiered pricing, support with public funding law, development of user regulations)

Latest News

Currently there are more than 2200 instruments and over 350 scientifc services available within the Technology Portal. Last year the DTP website was accessed more than 32.000 times by registered users.


The Technology Portal Box works as an interface with WebCMS of TU Dresden to DRESDEN Technology Portal. The tool enables TU Dresden employees to provide entries of scientific instruments and services from DRESDEN Technology Portal automatically on TU Dresden’s websites.