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The DRESDEN Technology Portal (DTP) is an online portal of the DRESDEN Science and Innovation Campus that provides available research equipment as well as offered services and competences of the participating scientific institutions.

Researchers of the partner institutions of DRESDEN-concept as well as external interested parties receive a central overview in the DTP and at the same time direct access to the existing research infrastructure at the science location Dresden.


The DRESDEN Technology Portal enables researchers and users to search for specific equipment, complex systems or service offers for their research. With the listing of competences of the research institutes down to the individual working group, it promotes the exchange between researchers among themselves, but also with partners in industry. The portal is thus a suitable instrument for initiating collaborations as well as for technology transfer.

Searchcontents in our portal are:

  • scientific equipment
  • services (studies, calculations, analyses, evaluations…etc.) and
  • research competences (main research topics, self-developed technologies and methods,…etc.)

Technology Portal Box of TU Dresden

The Technology Portal Box works as an interface with WebCMS of TU Dresden to DRESDEN Technology Portal. The tool enables TU Dresden employees to provide entries of scientific instruments and services from DRESDEN Technology Portal automatically on TU Dresden’s websites.