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DRESDEN-concept science exhibition


What material are visions made of?

Innovative materials will make a significant impact on ensuring the supply of water, food and energy, on the further development of medicine and medical technology, and on the realization of new concepts for mobility, communication and living space. DRESDEN-concept scientists work on the relevant materials for the world tomorrow.

Following examples from the development of new materials and technologies are shown in the DRESDEN-concept science exhibition:


  • Quantum materials
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Soluble filigree stents
  • AEROspike nozzle
  • Green bioprinting
  • Ceramic micromixers
  • Main gear bracket
  • Prosthetic hip stem implants
  • Materials from nature
  • High-performance carbon fibre from wood waste
  • Fibre material from agricultural remnants
  • Waste paper for disaster relief
  • Smart surfaces
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