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DRESDEN-concept Science Exhibition (2016-2019)

Oliver Killig

How often can an axolotl regenerate its tail? Which materials make furniture float? How can books that are falling apart be made available online? And what is this “tactile internet”?

From 4th July until 3rd October 2016, the DRESDEN-concept (DDc) Science Exhibition addressed these and further questions. The exhibition was located on the Neumarkt Square in Dresden and aimed to inspire residents and visitors with scientific highlights.

The exhibition is a cooperative project of the DRESDEN-concept partners with the state capital Dresden. After the success of the exhibition on Dresden’s Neumarkt, it travelled with an accompanying programme to London (May 2017), Wroclaw (September 2017) and Prague (April 2018). In the meantime, individual exhibition elements in Dresden moved between public squares and institutions.

An insight into our science exhibition

The exhibition invited visitors to discover the diversity of Dresden’s research landscape. DRESDEN-concept presented selected projects and offered an insight into the exciting work of the scientists, some of whom come from all over the world to conduct research here.

On the following pages of the science exhibition you can read the texts and obtain further information about the researchers and projects: