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Our international tour continues...next stop/następny przystanek: Wrocław

From 22 September 2017 the DRESDEN-concept Science Exhibition was displayed on one of the most frequented squares in Wrocław and it was presented both in Polish and English. The Plac Solny (“Salt Market” square) directly adjacent to the town hall square, is known for its year-round flower sales and hosted the Science Exhibition until 11 October 2017. During this time period, students from the numerous Wrocław universities returned from their summer break.

Lectures, book presentations, and student information events served to inform and promote an exchange between the DRESDEN-concept partners and the universities of Wrocław. A large number of researchers from Dresden and Wrocław supported these activities. Some events were also held at the local universities. 

For years, TU Dresden and many of its DRESDEN-concept partners have already been maintaining close relationships with the universities in Wrocław. Within the framework of the planned activities, these partnerships were intensified, strengthened and extended to other research areas.

The planned series of events was directed at researchers, young researchers, students, research partners and all interested citizens of the city of Wrocław and its guests.

The activities were held under the auspices of the German Consulate General in Wrocław, the State Capital Dresden and the Saxon State Ministry for Higher Education, Research and the Arts.