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Visa and Residence Permit

Depending on your citizenship you may need a visa to enter Germany. To extend your visa in Germany you will have to apply for a resident permit. You can find the necessary information in the box below.

We would like to offer our support with your visa & residence permit application. As an international researcher, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Before first entering Germany, most non-EU citizens need to apply for a visa, while EU citizens can enter on their national ID card. Organize your visa application well ahead and make sure you apply for the correct type of visa from the very start, if you are planning to stay for longer than 3 months.

For the essential information on this topic for incoming researchers, such as who needs a visa (and who does not) and which type of visa to apply for, please read the corresponding section of our Welcome Guide and please do not hesitate to contact us. We will support you to the best of our knowledge.

On the following websites you can find further information:
General information about Entry regulations for Germany and Immigrants from third countries.

In contrast to visa applications, applications for a residence & work permit and their extensions are processed by the responsible local Immigration Office in Germany.
In Dresden the Immigration Office (also called “Dresden Welcome Center”, not to be confused with the DRESDEN-concept Welcome Center) is responsible for highly skilled workers, e.g. scientists and PhD-students.
Before you can apply for a residence title, you need to be registered in the city. As soon as you have an appointment for registration in the city, you can contact the Dresden Welcome Center for an appointment. The residence title needs to be obtained before the visa expires or when you do not need a visa to enter Germany, before you start working.

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