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Processes of Ageing

People have always been preoccupied with ageing. It includes not only biological, but also social and cultural processes spanning from birth to death. In addition to biomedical basic research, aspects of lifestyle and nutrition that can influence ageing processes are considered. The rising life expectancy also requires new consideration of the living environment and the participation of the elderly in our society. Art historical and cultural science aspects provide insights into the perception of ageing in different epochs and regions of the world.

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The SAN V participants will be contacted to participate in a follow-up – If you are a researcher in a DRESDEN-concept institution, you have the opportunity to participate. In the follow-up, thematic working groups will be formed, out of which research proposals, joint lecture series or summer schools can emerge. If you are interested in participating in the follow-up, please contact:

Kick-Off "Processes of Ageing"

During the kick-off event, which took place on 29th October 2019 at the Saxon State Library – Dresden State and University Library (SLUB), 80 participants took part. Dr. Jens Bove, Head of the German Photographic Collection (Deutsche Fotothek) and Professor Müller-Steinhagen, Chairman of the Board of DDc, welcomed the participants. Ms. Lena Herlitzius then explained the “rules of the game” of the Scientific Area Network in order to introduce the session “Ageing and Society”. The session dealt with, for example, age-appropriate architecture and archaeological aspects. The second session focused on the live science aspect of ageing.

The break invited the participants to familiarise themselves with posters and to work in two groups.

This was followed by the sessions “Care and Work” and “The Brain”. Topics such as psychology, artificial intelligence and of course neuroscience were in the spotlight.