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Future of Urban and Rural Areas

SAN I was dedicated to the future trends of life in cities and communities as well as in rural areas. The range of research topics was deliberately large and includes social and cultural change as well as the technological and medical innovations of our time.

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After the kick-off in March 2017, three working groups (AG) have emerged in SAN I, which coordinate their activities in follow-ups and via an e-mail distribution list. The topics and contact persons for the individual working groups are as follows:

Contact Person:

Dr. Marco Neubert (IÖR)

Kick-Off Scientific Area Network "Future of Urban and Rural Areas"

DRESDEN-concept offered interested participants the space and stage to present research questions and research approaches on changing overarching research topics and then to discuss them with interested scientists and to think ahead together.

This was the program of the Kick-Off:

Numerous participants networked during the first Scientific Area Network.