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DRESDEN-concept Summer Schools

Funding measure: DRESDEN-concept Summer Schools

Summer Schools are a proven format to make the strengths of a location in the respective research topic visible and to increase its attractiveness in particular for international (national) early-career scientists. What we know from the feedback of many scientists, is that in addition to the professional excellence of the organizing institution, the diversity of the scientific institutions, their exceptionally close cooperation and the resulting opportunities were key aspects in the decision for choosing Dresden.

The DRESDEN-concept research alliance (DDc) would like to emphasize this aspect and highlight the strengths of the alliance during the numerous summer schools in Dresden. DDc relies on the cooperation of the DDc members in the implementation of summer schools and the bundling of the diverse research competencies, especially in interdisciplinary topics, in order to further strengthen the attractiveness of the location for (inter)national students and postdocs.

In addition to direct support in the preparation and implementation of DDc Summer Schools, cross-disciplinary networking events are planned to take place concurrently with the Summer Schools.

For the above-mentioned goals, funding is available from the EXU measure “DRESDEN-concept Science and Innovation Campus” of the TU Dresden. The funding offers include the procurement of DDc cooperation partners, the joint promotion of the DDc Summer School and the public event as well as the provision of consumables of up to 10.000 Euro per DDc Summer School or 5.000 Euro for a networking event between at least 2 Dresden Summer Schools.


Funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Free State of Saxony as part of the Excellence Strategy of the Federal and State Government.

DRESDEN-concept Summer Schools 2023

DRESDEN-concept Summer Schools 2022

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