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Excursions and Weekend Trips

Matthias Hultsch

Every year we’re planning a bunch of fun tours and informational events in all kinds of places in Germany and about various relevant topics for international researchers affiliated to the DRESDEN-concept institutions!

For most of the events it is necessary to pay at the DRESDEN-concept Welcome Center (Einsteinstraße 9, 01069 Dresden) in advance.

We will inform you about upcoming events and the date and time for the registration in our Newsletter. Make sure to always be informed and sign up for it below.

Paul-Louis Kuhnke & Jasmin Guliewa

Contact persons of the Event-Team
Contact: kultur@mailbox.tu-dresden.de

Past & Upcoming Excursions

Where to find us
Einsteinstraße 9
01069 Dresden
Opening hours
Monday to Friday
10 a.m. till 3 p.m. (please make an appointment in advance)