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City Registration


For the essential information on this topic, please read the corresponding section of our Welcome Guide carefully first.

General information

By law, anyone intending to stay in Germany for longer than 2 months must register their address in person at the Central Registration Office – Bürgerbüro within the first two weeks of arrival. The same applies to any subsequent change of address within Dresden or Germany or when you move abroad. If you move to another accommodation at any point, you are obliged to re-register your change of address immediately with confirmations – Wohnungsgeberbescheinigung of your move out and move in from your former and new landlords. Make sure that for a transition period your mail will be forwarded to your new address. If you leave Germany, you must de-register at the Central Registation Office – Bürgerbüro.

Note that you should only register with an address, which has your name on the mailbox and where you will be living for at least the following 4 weeks, because important official documents (e.g. your tax ID) will be sent to your first address, only once.

  • your passport
  • your landlord’s official confirmation of your move in – Wohnungsgeberbescheinigung
  • valid rental agreement (or booking confirmation, if your accommodation is a guest house, hotel, hostel etc.)
  • the same documents as above for any family members who have joined you
  • certificates of birth (and authorised German translation) for all children
  • completed registration form

… should be handled with due care

  • confirmation of registration – Anmeldebestätigung

= an official document needed e.g. to

    • apply for a residence and work permit
    • apply for statutory health insurance
    • open a German bank account
    • obtain a German mobile phone SIM card.

Note that if you are initially staying at a friend’s apartment, you will need to present a sublease contract – Untermietvertrag between you and your friend, which requires the express permission of your friend’s landlord, that your friend is allowed to sublet a room to you. If you are a sublettee, then your subletter (the main tenant of the apartment) is the one obliged to fill out the confirmation of move-in/move-out – Wohnungsgeberbescheinigung for you, not the landlord.

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