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Second Special Trip “My Green City”

On 4th November, the second special trip of the DRESDEN-concept Science Tram took place and demonstrated “My Green City and Me”. About 60 citizens of Dresden with an interest in the topics conversed with our experts from TU Dresden, the Deutsches Hygiene Museum and Leibniz Institute for Ecological Spatial Development (IÖR). The discussed the use of green spaces in Dresden, favourite plants, and hot summers in the city. The event was moderated by Hendrikje Wehnert from the IÖR.

In the first group, Patrycia Brzoska and Karsten Grunewald from IÖR started the discussion. In the BIDELIN project, the two scientists are investigating what nature contributes to the fulfilment of peoples’ needs. Clean air, fresh water, wild herbs and berries to eat, wood as a building material or space for inspiration and recreation – the number of things that nature also produces or positively influences in the city seems almost infinite. We use these ecosystem services as a matter of course. The citizens contributed their questions and experiences as to what they consider to be the benefits of nature.

Valeri Goldberg from the Chair of Meteorology at TU Dresden then presented his research on thermal radiation in cities. He discussed with the participants about knowledge and misunderstandings about the climate in cities and the contribution that green spaces of different sizes can make.

Kathrin Meyer and Kristin Heinig from the Deutsches Hygiene Museum Dresden asked the participants: “What’s your favourite flower and why? The reasons given ranged from rich floral splendour to simple care. On this basis, the experts explained the relationship between plants and people using dandelions and in doing so gave everyone a taste of the “Plants and People” exhibition, which can be visited until April 2020 in the Hygiene Museum.

The expert Kerstin Krellenberg from the IÖR and her team pose the question as to what motivates people to visit green spaces as part of the project “meinGrün”. Together with the participants of the special trip, they discussed which freely accessible green spaces are known in the city and which needs they should meet. The institute is developing an app to make information about urban green spaces easily accessible. Sports enthusiasts will be able to find the best running tracks in the nearby park, young families will be able to find a green playground for football matches and relaxation.


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