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Dresden is one of the fastest growing regions in Germany. Sunrise industries like microelectronics, information technology, nanotechnology, new materials, biotechnology, or renewable energy have the greatest potential. Creative minds in crafts enterprises, tourism, or engineering add to Dresden’s economic power and its appeal for business. Dresden prospers!

People who make a difference.

Short distances and lively interaction facilitate the transfer of ideas and discoveries to new products and services. The art of engineering and entrepreneurship have a long tradition in Dresden. Young entrepreneurs have built up a community in Dresden to proactively give drive to their ideas; experienced entrepreneurs will offer them their expert advice and assistance. Just look around and you will find many global market leaders “Made in Dresden”.

Dresden is more than just a business site.

Dresden’s locational advantages are no secret: There are many smart minds. Moreover, it is the concentration of basic and applied research in universities, colleges, institutes and companies; the rich cultural life in the city; the perfect living conditions for young families; the location of the city in harmony with nature on the Elbe river, near to the beautiful Elbe Sandstone Mountains, that provide a gateway to the neighbouring countries, the Czech Republic and Poland, and to Central Europe.

Dresden is a site with high potential – high potential to become the city where more and more people’s lives will be focused.