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Power generation and storage

How can energy be produced, stored and used more efficiently?

Numerous Dresden-based research projects investigate energy efficiency

Innovations in the energy sector are more important than ever for the future of the economy and society. Energy demand is rising all over the world and at the same time the increased use of fossil fuels accelerates climate change. Energy should be used as economically and as efficiently as possible. The Dresden research institutions deal with the development of resource-saving technologies and energy-efficient materials, processes and products in various projects. Research is conducted on cutting-edge fuel cell technologies, mobile and stationary high-capacity energy storage systems, energy-saving displays, innovative materials, light-weight construction concepts and energy-efficient production methods, and the recovery of unused waste heat. All these innovations enable energy saving not only for society but also provide businesses with the key to a competitive advantage. Already today, power can be generated in a clean, flexible and efficient manner and be stored intelligently in stationary battery systems. Thermoelectric generators convert unused waste heat that is produced and emitted by the use of technical equipment into power and hereby they contribute to the reduction of energy loss. Through laser treatment of electrical sheets, the transformers efficiency, i.e. the ratio between input and output energy, can be improved.