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All on Bord – Towards Excellence - Full Steam for Science

On 17 August 2017, a long queue formed in front of landing pier 3 of the steam boat “MS August der Starke” (English: MS Augustus the Strong) when around 450 (junior) scientists of the DRESDEN-concept (DDc) partner institutions wanted to embark on the science cruise.

Apart from a speech delivered by Saxon State Minister for Higher Education, Research and the Arts, Dr Eva-Maria Stange on the scientific landscape of Saxony, the Dresden-based band EnVivo accompanied the three-hour long cruise with a variety of Spanish and English rock and pop music. On board of “MS August der Starke” of the Sächsische Dampfschiffgesellschaft (English: Saxon Steam Boat Association), the junior scientists and staff members of the DRESDEN-concept institutions were able to listen to these tunes in a relaxed and summerly atmosphere while, at the same time, laying the foundation for collaborative research projects.

For Prof Müller-Steinhagen, the cruise was “a huge success.” Right at the beginning of the cruise, he encouraged the participants to intentionally initiate conversations with people they have not yet made acquaintance with. “The concept of networking across institutional borders worked very well,” stated one of the attendees who then continued “and who knows whether this will actually lead to some research projects.”

Click here to read about the cruise in the Sächsische Zeitung (only available in German).