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The DRESDEN-concept flyer provides an overview of the aims and partners.

Gerne können Sie den Flyer auch in Papierform erhalten. Senden Sie eine Mail an presse[at]dresden-concept.de
Preview FlyerDDc_en.pdf

Logo Versions

Coloured, black lettering, diagonal

for use in the header of documents
Preview DDC-09.png
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File: DDC-09.png
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Original colour, horizontal

for small presentations, e.g. in letterheads, where the light green claim of the original is not readable
Preview DDC-07.png
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File: DDC-07.png
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Grayscale, horizontal

for use in the header of documents
Preview DDC-21.png
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File: DDC-21.png
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Grayscale, high

for printouts on grayscale printers
Preview DDC-19.png
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File: DDC-19.png
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Partner overview

DRESDEN-concept connects the scientific hub of Dresden. The city map gives you an overview of all partners and the locations.

Preview DDcPartner32horizontal.pdf
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File: DDcPartner32horizontal.pdf
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DDc style guide

Gestaltungshinweise können dem Styleguide entnommen werden.
Preview DDcStyleguide2019.pdf
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File: DDcStyleguide2019.pdf
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