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Overview of the previous DDc Lunch Retreats


The previous DDc Lunch Retreats addressed the following research areas:

  • 16th DDc Lunch Retreat: “Exploiting Deep Learning and Lensless Optics for Paradigm Shifts in Biomedicine
    Key speaker: Prof. Jürgen Czarske (TU Dresden)
  • 15th DDc Lunch Retreat: DCIM – Dresden Center for Intelligent Materials– the DRESDEN-concept talent garden in materials research. A model also for other disciplines? Part of the next EXU proposal?”
    Key speakers: Prof. Gianaurelio Cuniberti (TUD)
  • 14th DDc Lunch Retreat: „CHANGE! – From resource efficiency towards neutrality“
    Key speakers: Prof. Maik Gude (TU Dresden), Prof. Ulrich Prahl (TUBA Freiberg) and Prof. Lothar Kroll (TU Chemnitz)
  • 13th DDc Lunch Retreat: „Condensate biomedicine: Using the concept of biomolecular condensates to discover new biology and medicine“
    Key speakers: Prof. Simon Alberti (TUD), Prof. Anthony Hyman (MPI-CBG) Prof.in Min Ae Lee-Kirsch (UKD / TUD) and Dr. Jared Sterneckert (TUD)
  • 12th DDc Lunch Retreat: „Cellbots for therapy / Cellular Domestication – the Saxonian cell farming revolution / Vision: Create modular versatile cell systems for biological discovery and therapy“
    Key speakers: Prof. Ezio Bonifacio (TUD), Prof. Martin Bornhäuser (UKD) and Prof. Frank Buchholz (TUD)
  • 11th DDc Lunch Retreat: Key speakers and their topics
    Prof. Frank Ellinger (TUD) – Responsible Radio Frequency Circuits for Wireless Communications for ReC2
    Prof. Gerhard Fettweis (TUD, Barkhausen Institut) – Digitization and Democracy – Bridging Engineering and Human Sciences
    Prof. Frank H.P. Fitzek (TUD) – CeTI 2.0
  • 10th DDc Lunch Retreat: „NHR, NDFI, ScaDS.AI, CIDS: Important ingredients NOT only for the Emerging field Data-intensive Digital Science but for several other research activities“
    Key speakers: Prof. Wolfgang Nagel (TUD) and Prof. Bjoern Andres (TUD)
  • 9th DDc Lunch Retreat: „Active back-end of line for in-memory computing / Responsible electronics in the climate change era“
    Key speakers: Prof. Thomas Mikolajick (TUD) and Prof. Yana Vaynzof (TUD)
  • 8th DDc Lunch Retreat: “Taming WaterExtremes – Smart water systems in an extreme world“
    Key speakers: Prof. Peter Krebs (TUD), Prof. Stefan Stolte (TUD), Prof. Markus Weitere (TUD/UFZ), Prof. Edeltraud Günther (UNU-FLORES) and Prof. Jochen Schanze (IÖR)
  • 7th DDc Lunch Retreat: “Transitioning mobility into a digital, sustainable world
    Key speakers: Prof. Regine Gerike (TUD), Prof. Hartmut Fricke (TUD), Prof. Marc Timme (TUD) and Prof. Ostap Okhrin (TUD)
  • 6th DDc Lunch Retreat: “Context and Behaviour”
    Key speakers: Prof. Katharina von Kriegstein (TUD), Prof. Tanja Endraß (TUD) and Prof. Stefan Kiebel (TUD)
  • 5th DDc Lunch Retreat: “New insights from the interface between electronics and living nature“
    Key speakers: Prof. Karl Leo (TUD) and Prof. Carsten Werner (Leibniz IPF)
  • 4th DDc Lunch Retreat: “21st Century Building: Towards a Climate and Resource Neutral Construction“
    Key speakers: Prof. Manfred Curbach (TUD) and Prof. Victor Mechtcherine (TUD)
  • 3rd DDc Lunch Retreat: “Great topics, forbidden names: anti-aging, successful aging and rejuvenation“
    Key speakers: Prof. Henrik Bringmann (TUD), Prof. Lorenz Hofbauer (UKD), Prof. Gerd Kempermann (DZNE) and Dr. Miranka Wirth (DZNE)
  • 2nd DDc Lunch Retreat: “Precision Chemistry for Future Materials“
    Key speakers: Prof.  Xinliang Feng (TUD) and Prof. Thomas Heine (TUD)
  • 1ts DDc Lunch Retreat: “Cellular Metabolism”
    Key speakers: Prof. Triantafyllos Chavakis (UKD), Prof. Ünal Coskun (PLID), Prof. Michele Solimena (PLID) and Prof. Marino Zerial (MPI-CBG)