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Love Data Week 2024


As part of the global Love Data Week from February 12 to 16, 2024, many exciting and educational events will take place around data and data management. (https://forschungsdaten.info/fdm-im-deutschsprachigen-raum/love-data-week-2024/).

First, a virtual talk on “Archiving and publication of research data” will take place on February 13, 2024, from 1.30 to 3 pm.

On February 14, from 2 to 5 pm you are invited to the Open Science Lab of the SLUB. You can expect short presentations, for example on data repositories for multimedia cultural data, data management plans (DMPs) for grant proposals, or how you can archive and publish your data with Zenodo.In a poster gallery, services for research data management in Saxony and at TU Dresden will be presented.

Program overview:

Registration is not obligatory, but it would help to get a better idea of the number of participants. Registration is possible on the  event websites of the SLUB.

Parallel to the presentations, the Service Center Research Data of TU Dresden, the Data Steward Team of the SLUB and representatives of NFDI4Culture and NFDI4Ing will be available for you in an open consultation hour. In the spirit of “Let’s have a look at your data!”, you can learn more about how to create good ReadMe files, test the NFDI4Culture FAIR check and annotation tool or bring along any questions that you encounter every day when handling your research data.

All questions are allowed, no matter how small and trivial they may seem: “What is research data management?” “How do I keep my data understandable?” “Where can I securely store my data?” “What does a good filename look like?” “What are metadata?” “What’s the best way to archive research data?” “How can I publish my research data?” … Do you have these or other questions about research data management? Then feel free to drop by for a consultation.