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Dresden Research Community Statement in Support of Diversity and Foreign Residents


Embracing diversity for successful biomedical research in Dresden

As biotechnology and pharmaceutical research organizations, we seek to cure diseases, improve health, and secure a better future for everyone in society. We assume this responsibility by translating research opportunities into new treatments and cures.

Our ability to carry out this important work depends on diversity and internationalism. We stand no chance of succeeding unless we work together and embrace diversity. Breakthroughs in research depend on a diversity of expertise and perspectives. Different countries and different people have different strengths. Only if we leverage them all can we hope to succeed.

Bringing top international scientists together in an environment that fosters open communication and collaboration leads to the production of innovative research. We see this clearly in the fact that a high proportion of the scientific publications from the 33 DRESDEN-concept e.V. institutions contain contributions from Germans and foreigners working together.

In order for biomedical research to be successful in Dresden, it is essential that scientists of all nationalities, ethnicities, skin colors, sexual orientations, religions, and other cultural or societal positions or inclinations feel equally welcome.

Unfortunately, this has not always been the case. Scientists in Dresden have experienced racially motivated attacks, and there continue to be verbal attacks or signs of disrespect targeting foreigners.

We, the Dresden biomedical research community, condemn attacks against foreigners and perceived outsiders in the strongest possible terms. We applaud the efforts of the groups and initiatives listed below that foster respect and tolerance. We ask for the entire Dresden community’s support in rejecting racism and discrimination and creating a welcoming and inclusive environment. The future of our city and the health of all the world’s people depend on it.

The Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics
DRESDEN-concept e.V.
biosaxony e.V.
Silicon Saxony
Lipotype GmbH
Dewpoint Therapeutics
Hightech Startbahn
denovoMATRIX GmbH
Biotype GmbH
Molecular Diagnostics Group GmbH
CUP Laboratorien Dr. Freitag GmbH
Zellmechanik Dresden GmbH
Kailuweit & Uhlemann Patentanwälte Partnerschaft mbB
Quodata GmbH
Supedio GmbH
Dynabind GmbH
Labor- und Reinraumtechnik Arnsdorf GmbH
Sächsische Bildungsgesellschaft für Umweltschutz und Chemieberufe Dresden mbH
Battke-Grünberg Rechtsanwälte PartGmbB

Groups and initiatives fostering diversity and inclusion in Dresden:

Dresden – Place to be! e.V. promotes an international spirit and tolerance in all areas of culture by helping international citizens to move to Dresden and the Free State of Saxony and promoting their inclusion.

#WOD – Initiative for an open city of Dresden was founded by Dresden’s cultural institutions with the goal of standing together for freedom, democracy and solidarity in an open society.

Dresden.Respect was initiated by Professor Gerhard Ehninger from the University Hospital Dresden. It aims to integrate all societal groups by focusing on common values such as democracy and respect while also providing a platform for events and the exchange for information.

Welcomesaxony (German: Wirtschaft für ein weltoffenes Sachsen e.V.) is a cross-industry association that promotes immigration and internationality as drivers for an economically strong, cosmopolitan, and international Saxony.