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Dresden considers itself a high-ranking cultural metropolis. More than 800 years of city history are manifested in the architecture, fine arts, music, literature, theatre, and politics. A defining characteristic of the local cultural life is the solidarity and commitment of the citizens of Dresden to their place of residence.

Experience History

Dresden’s rich cultural heritage is not only represented by the numerous museums and the Saxon State Library – Dresden State and University Library; past epochs are reflected in urban planning – war and peace, times of upheaval and destruction have left visible traces behind in Dresden, which still influence the cultural life of the city in many ways today.

Present and Future

Contemporary art is also very important in Dresden. The European Centre for the Arts Hellerau and the International Exhibition of Contemporary Arts Ostrale have recently attracted much attention. Top-class festivals draw music lovers to Dresden every year.

For researchers, art and culture in Dresden doesn’t just open up opportunities for reflection and a better quality of life. It actively facilitates the connection of museums, libraries and art perspectives, offering potential for fundamental research questions and answers for society.