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Open Access Week

The term “open access” describes free access to scientific information. Readers are not required to pay for open access publications. In principle, this allows all people to participate in scientific progress on an unlimited and equal basis.

Numerous DRESDEN-concept partners support the global demand for open access to scientific publications as documented in the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities. In keeping with the spirit of this Berlin declaration, TUD’s University Executive Board and Senate passed an Open Access Resolution in 2012. This resolution recommends that all scientists and scholars at TUD make their publications freely available to the scientific community either via golden open access (first publication) or green open access (second publication/self-archiving, e.g. via Qucosa).

The SLUB Dresden hosts numerous events and provides a wide range of services related to open access.

DRESDEN-concept explicitly promotes networking in this area among researchers and employees from Dresden, all of Germany and abroad and has supported the annual Open Access Week since 2017.

More information on the current programme can be found here.