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A Rainy Sunday in Dresden: Exploring School History


Despite the rain outside, the School Museum in Dresden buzzed with excitement as our international researchers gathered to explore its rich history. Led by a passionate guide, the group delved into exhibits showcasing the history of education in Germany, specifically Dresden. Personal anecdotes added a human touch, making the experience unforgettable.

We started our tour in a classroom that was built during the times of the emperor and even got to write on an authentic slate. The tour continued in a classroom that resembled the so-called „Reform-schools“ that were aiming to revolutionize the educational system until the seizure of power by the Nazi regime. Our tour guide also navigated us through the museum’s current exhibition of Jewish students in Dresden.

Our insightful tour came to an end in a classroom that was built during GDR. We learned a lot about communist ideologies that were implemented in the school curriculum and the pioneer activities.

As we left, we definitely carried a newfound appreciation with us for the role of education in shaping history and our world today.

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