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What’s on in Dresden
27 August – 02 September


With rising numbers of Corona-cases again we appeal to youonce more: Please stay healthy! Keep your distance to people, don’t stay to long in closed rooms with other people. Avoid physical contact. Wash your hands extremely often. Cough in the crook of your arm, etc., etc.
Here come our tips for the upcoming week!

Tips for outside

Meet new people every last Friday of the month! At the Critical Mass Events cyclists meet to ride in community through the city, both protesting  for more cycle friendly city and against the preeminence of cars and also because it is fun to ride as a group. The next event will be on August 28th at 6:30 pm. As always starting at the Skatepark Lingnerallee. Swing on your bike and meet new people.

Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays you can also book guided tours via the old Town of Dresden. Step by step you learn more about the capital of Saxony, its former rulers and so on. The tours start at 12.30 o’clock each and cost 12€ admission.

Tips for inside

Dresden has a wide range of museums. Most of them have changed opening times and special circumstances. Still you can enjoy classic and modern art in many different places. As there is such a diversity of museums we recommend you to check out the Dresden Museum card for 2 days!

Tips for streamings

Soon the Dresden Film Festival starts and you can now reserve tickets already! In the program you find national and international directors. Many events will happen open air and this year you can even stream some of the movies!

A streaming portal we recommend you again is the arte united we stream. There you will find various offers, from Dancehall, to Hip Hop, electronic music, to various discussion talks. It is worthwhile to visit it in any case. You can simply read through the program, maybe you will find something good for you!