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25th DDc Lunch Retreat: Biomedical Imaging beyond the Visible – Fluorescence Imaging in the Shortwave-Infrared

Veranstaltung am 07.03.2024
Uhrzeit von:12:00 Uhr - bis:13:00 Uhr

virtual meeting via Zoom

Professor Dr. Oliver Bruns will talk about:

  • Biomedical Imaging beyond the Visible – Fluorescence Imaging in the Shortwave-Infrared

at the 25th DRESDEN-concept Lunch Retreat.

Prof. Dr. Ünal Coskun, speaker of SAC I Biomedicine and Bioengineering, will moderate the our Lunch Retreat.

The meeting will be held in English as a videoconference (Zoom). All DDc-scientists are cordially invited to join.
Please register by following the link below. You will receive the link to the videoconference with the registration.


Shortwave-Infrared (SWIR) provides several advantages over the visible and near-infrared regions: general lack of autofluorescence, low light absorption by blood and tissue, and reduced scattering. In this wavelength range tissues become translucent. Recent progress in detection technology and the development of probes demonstrated that, in principal, SWIR imaging enables applications which were previously not feasible with any other technique. These advantages will enable new capabilities in preclinical imaging.

While the optical advantages are clear, the successful translation of SWIR imaging into routine applications requires novel, bright and targeted probes as well as advanced imaging setups.

The novel applications include SWIR imaging of physiology and metabolic activity and targeted SWIR imaging of tumors. SWIR intravital microscopy will allow imaging the brain vasculature around tumors in mice through intact skin and skull and generating detailed blood flow-maps in mice. In the future, advantages of SWIR imaging will also improve fluorescence guided surgery and other clinical applications in precision medicine. The unprecedented sensitivity of SWIR imaging in combination with its deep penetration and high resolution should allow detecting cancer cells with very high sensitivity, which is an ultimate goal for a surgeon.


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