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What’s on in Dresden
10 – 16 September


We are back for you with some tips on what you can do at the moment. It still applies: Please stay healthy! [Keep your distance to people, don’t stay to long in closed rooms with other people. Avoid physical contact. Wash your hands regularly. Cough in the crook of your arm, etc., etc. ] Though the situation with the coronavirus is currently getting more serious again, not all the entertainment possibilities are closed. Check out what we found!

Tips for outside

The Dresden public transportation is very well. Not only are you within 35 minutes from Hauptbahnhof to famous Königsstein in the Sächsische Schweiz, where you can go hiking in great surrounding – there are also recommendations from the Dresdner Verkerhrsbetriebe (DVB) for walking tours starting at the terminal stations of the Dresden lines.

On Sunday, there will be a day of open monuments – your chance to experience Dresden from a different perspective! On the website of Kulturkalender Dresden you can find the complete program (in German) and at the end of the program all the listed monuments and memorials drawn into a map. There is nearly certainly a monument around the place where you live, as well! Check it out!

Tips for inside

If you are into getting inspiring input at the weekend, we can warmly recommend you the Libertären Tage Dresden. Since 2010 the „Libertäre Tage“ have been taking place more or less regularly in Dresden. Workshops, lectures, music, film, networking, discussion and delicious food provide an exciting setting to get to know and discuss anarchist issues and to make plans together. You can find the full program here. Though the website is in German only, most of the program will be possible to attend, if you do not speak German.

Tips for streamings

Fortunately there is the internet, where we can now visit many events online.

Did you already try out the super streaming portal of arte united we stream. There you will find various offers, from Dancehall, to Hip Hop, electronic music, to various discussion talks. It is worthwhile to visit it in any case. You can simply read through the program, maybe you will find something good for you!

If you have further tips for online-streaming write an E-Mail to welcome@dresden-concept.de and we will spread it next week!