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What’s on in Dresden
22 – 28 October


We are back for you with some tips on what you can do at the moment. It still applies: Please stay healthy! Keep your distance to people, don’t stay to long in closed rooms with other people. Avoid physical contact. Wash your hands extremely often. Cough in the crook of your arm, etc., etc. Though the situation with the coronavirus is currently getting more serious again, not all the entertainment possibilities are closed. Check out what we found!

Tips for outside

This weekend the weather might be okay, so use the beautiful autumn to experience Dresdens surroundings! Just use the excellent public transportation to be within 35 minutes from Hauptbahnhof to famous Königsstein in the Sächsische Schweiz, where you can go hiking in great surrounding. Or have a look at the recommendations from the Dresdner Verkerhrsbetriebe (DVB) for walking tours starting at the terminal stations of the Dresden lines!

On Sunday, „Herz statt Hetze“ and many other groups and persons of the civil society in Dresden call up for a big demonstration for an open and solidary society without racism. It should be shown that Dresden is not a place for racist, inhuman slogans, thoughts and deeds!
The new Rector of the TU Dresden, Prof. Ursula Staudinger, also supports the event and sees it as an important date for the members of the university to stand up for values such as internationality, human dignity and tolerant living together.
There will be a demo from the university to the central rally under the motto „together. active. colorful„. With mouth-nose-covering as well as minimum distance the demonstration begins on Sunday, 25.10., at 12:00 on Fritz-Förster-Platz. From 12:30 p.m. on we will move from here with the loudspeaker cars via Fritz-Löffler-Straße and St. Petersburger Straße to the city center. There the central rally of “Herz statt Hetze” on the Neumarkt starts at 14 p.m.

See you Sunday at the Fritz-Förster-Platz!

Tips for inside

In the Deutsches Hygenemuseum we recommend you to visit the current exhibition “In Prison – Detained and Deprived of Liberty”. It goes deep into questions on how society should be organised on the one hand side and current reality in European prisons on the other hand side.
Tickets can be easily
booked online. To buy your online ticket you have to choose your visit date, so a maximum number of visitors can be guaranteed!