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Leaving Dresden

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This is our checklist to help you thinking of all the administraive details that have to be considered before leaving Dresden/ Germany.

Upon request, we can also provide you with different templates for cancellation letters and similar documents. Just email us.

Three months before departure

  • Cancel your rental agreement
    Please check your contract for the termination period. Three months is a very common time frame to cancel rental agreements.
  • Cancel electricity, water, gas, TV, internet, phone contracts
  • Cancel insurances and all other contracts
  • Deregister your children at their day-care and school

Two weeks before departure

  • Deregister your car
  • Apply for redirection of your mail at the post office
    If this is advantageous for you, there are three options for the redirection of you mail: order a relocation notice (Umzugsmitteilung: senders get a message with your new address), apply for a redirection order (Nachsendeauftrag) or get your mail scanned and via e-mail (E-Postscan)
    See the link for all information from the Deutsche Post (german)
  • Complete your tax return due on the 31 July for the previous year

One week before departure

  • Close down your bank account
  • Join the alumni network of your university/ institution
  • give notice of departure at the Residents Registration Office (Bürgerbüro: adresses and opening hours)
  • Cancel the payment of public television fees (Rundfunkbeitrag)
    You need to already have the confirmation of city deregistration. It is possible to do the cancellation online here.
  • inform the Familienkasse (Kindergeld) that you are going to leave Germany
Where to find us
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Opening hours
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