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Project Aims

The Campus4You project aims to provide a chip card, which functions not only as a student ID, but also allows students to travel by bus and train (semester ticket), borrow books from the SLUB and HTW Dresden library, and pay in refectories, canteens and cafeterias. In addition, further functions such as access to parking, buildings and rooms, as well as a payment for university offers (e.g. university sport, teaching materials, scripts, further education events) are to be integrated.

User requirements with regard to functionality and data protection, as well as the legal framework conditions and regulations on co-determination must be observed. In order to implement this accordingly, experts from partner institutions are involved in the project alongside university representatives from administrative and scientific fields, student and staff councils and data protection officers.

On the one hand, the project participants work together in eTicket and communication teams across institutional boundaries. On the other hand, professional/technical working groups (AG) have been established to focus their work intensively on the interface concepts of various areas. For this reason, the AG TUD Systeme, AG HTW-Bibliothek, AG SLUB, AG HTW System and AG Studentenwerk were founded.

Decisions are made by the Steering Committee (Alexander Engelbert Müller/Chancellor HTW Dresden, Dr. Andreas Handschuh/Chancellor TU Dresden). The partners provide advice and support.