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Guided tour through Dynamo Dresden stadium

Veranstaltung am 28.06.2024
Uhrzeit von:18:00 Uhr - bis:20:00 Uhr


Lennéstraße 12, Dresden, 01069

Join us for a guided tour through the Rudolf-Harbig-Stadium, the home of Dynamo Dresden!

Our tour will lead us through the following parts of the stadium:

  • Start of the stadium tour: Meeting point to the right of the fan store, main entrance Lennéstraße
  • First stop at the scoreboard of the old stadium, built in 1978
  • Guided tour of the K-Block, approx. 9000 standing places, Dynamo fan block, access to the fan pub
  • Exclusive insights into the new home dressing room
  • View of the opposite guest block with approx. 2,000 standing places
  • Guided tour of the press conference room
  • In the stadium: tour of the pitch, with automatic pitch irrigation and pitch heating
  • Tour of the press seats in the press gallery, which was inaugurated for the U20 Women’s World Cup
  • Tour of the boxes, the 18 individual boxes are mostly rented by sponsors
  • Guided tour of the business club, where VIPs are catered for, panoramic level with 80-metre-long continuous terrace and business seating

Furthermore, we prepared a special surprise throughout the tour for you where you can test your football abilities 🙂

Registration starts: Monday 17th of June 2024, 10am

Costs: 11€ p.p.

©Lars Scholz



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